You want something to change

Maybe your customers are not using your product like you hoped they would, and they’re getting a bit frustrated, or they’ve tied up your support line. Maybe your team is struggling to achieve a target, or not really “getting” the aims of the project. Or they’re in the queue for the support line, behind your customers. What’s the problem? We’ll help you find out, and we’ll likely help you solve it, too.



First, we create order from chaos. Our systems thinkers will facilitate analysis workshops with you and your team. Together, we’ll identify all the things that could impact your customers’ or teams’ success, whether that’s in positive or negative ways. At some point, we'll even do a bit of research to see how folks behave. 

Once we have a clear view of the mountain we need to climb, we’ll identify those nodes in the system where the right learning experience could really move the needle, and define how we’ll measure that needle’s movements to track our progress.



We’ve got the problems defined; now we can go about solving them! We’ll explore the most effective ways in which we can help your learners to change their behaviour, and get real value from the experience. The answers lie in many factors. How will this intervention compete with other demands on your learner’s attention? What do they value, and what motivates them to succeed? How will we convince them to show up for the growth process? Are there complex concepts they need to grasp, and how can we make that easier for them? How will this experience make them feel? 

There are some more practical elements to explore as well, such as the technologies that would help learners achieve their goals, and how we can make these compatible with your learners’ habits and tech environment. We’ll also tease out how the costs and benefits of this learning intervention could impact your organisation in the short, medium, and long term.

This careful research is how we create learning experiences that are relevant, targeted, delightful to use, and backed by learning science.

What do I walk away with?

It depends on what you need. But typically, by the end of a strategy consultation phase you’ll have: 

  • A comprehensive analysis report detailing the project requirements and success factors
  • Solution design documentation, detailing the pedagogical approach, technical approach, unit economics, branding, prototype, production plan, and implementation design,
  • A curriculum for your programme, if a programme is what you need, and
  • A burning desire to work with us on producing the solution we designed together.