At this point, we’ve studied the mountain, chosen a route, packed our bags, and now it’s time to start climbing. There are so many new and exciting ways to help people learn, and the field is constantly evolving.

Depending on what will best serve your objectives, learner audience, internal skills, and budget, we can create just about anything educational. Here are some examples of what we might create for you.

Learning platforms

There are over 800 off-the-shelf learning experience platforms, learning management systems, and knowledge management systems out there. It’s easy to back the wrong horse! It’s also easy to invest heavily in developing something custom only to find out you are reinventing the wheel, or that you didn’t need quite as much tech or independence as you thought. We’ll help you find or design a good platform for your project, set it up for you, and use its full potential to develop a great user experience.

Accredited or unaccredited courses

A course is not necessarily the best approach to helping people learn, but when it is, you’ll want to ensure it’s both captivating and effective. Especially if you’re thinking of selling your courses. Learners expect high-quality production, and they have strong preferences around the types of media they consume. We use the appropriate methodologies and modes for each audience. 

Our course development process typically includes accreditation alignment, assessment and activity design, content writing, storyboarding, scripting, graphic design, video production, and interactivity development on your selected platform.

Learning communities

Social learning experiences have become increasingly popular. The development of communities of practice, social learning platforms, and discussion groups have provided evolving opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. We know how to get a learning community off the ground, and which systems to put in place to keep it growing.

AI tutors and coaches

It’s no secret that generative AI has arrived, and with it some amazing opportunities to offer targeted AI tutoring, coaching, and support. The return on investment is a no-brainer, but the operational cost and exposure to risk needs to be carefully managed.

Job aids and knowledge management 

Sometimes, you just don’t need to store information in your brain, you can just reference it when you need it. It’s how more and more people live these days! Maybe your learners just want to ask their AI assistant a few questions, or maybe they want to search an approved knowledge base to check out a quick video or table of values.

Educational games

Fun and engaging learning is entirely achievable through educational game design. An educational game leverages trial-and-error or experiential learning methodologies and associated reward systems. Although it’s not appropriate for every subject, it has great appeal for many audiences and is always worth investigating. Whether it's a complex, glossy experience or a more low-fi but equally well-designed engagement, we can help you make it come to life.

3D virtual experiences

Although we love the digital world and its 2D landscapes, there’s something to be said for the sense of presence and reality that 3D spaces and objects provide. Being able to mimic a 3D world with higher fidelity is particularly important in contexts where jobs or other experiences are physical or spatial in nature. We can design interactive 3D experiences at various levels of production value to help your learner get acquainted with a new world.