Who's this for?

Not for everyone, that’s for sure. You won’t enjoy this programme much if you’re an astronaut, or a dog. But, if you work in e-learning, learning and development, or even just education in general, you’ll dig it. To start with, we are limiting access to the programme to people located in sub-Saharan Africa.

We welcome Learning Designers, Learning Technologists, and EdTech Leaders, and we’ll match you with others who have similar growth interests and a similar geographical persuasion. Where possible, we combine folks with differing backgrounds and contexts of work, to better cross-pollinate between different corners of our industry.

How does it work?

For 12 weeks, you’ll meet every second week with a group of 5 to 10 unicorns to discuss a selected topic, and the group is moderated by an experienced person that specialises in the focus of that group. This is a great opportunity to learn about all the types of e-learning projects and audiences that are out there, and how the particulars of a project impacts considerations like accessibility, community building, the types of interactions we design, interoperability, and so much more. It’s also an awesome way to build relationships with others in the industry.

After the 12-week programme, you will unlock a 1:1 mentorship session. We’ll pair you with a mentor skilled in the development areas you’re interested in pursuing. You'll also get access to our exclusive Slack group.

Does it cost money?

We have learned from our experiences with social learning that if all participants have a bit of skin in the game, the programme is more robust and sustainable. This is because highly experienced participants may feel like they’re not gaining as much from the forum as the more junior members are, and may struggle to make time to attend the sessions consistently.

Even though some wonderful experienced learning professionals are willing to give their time away for free, these altruistic folks typically become too busy to keep up with volunteer-based work long-term. Imagine having 6 client meetings in a row, and then having to review a mentee’s portfolio before you can make dinner. The idea is nice, but the reality is ugly.

Giving these contributors a modest reward for sharing their expertise helps give them a reason to prioritise the sessions over their busy schedules, and in turn this gives the newer members of the group reassurance that they will learn from the best, and are not bothering the mentors with their requests.

This way, the programme remains active and sustainable, and prevents weirdos from taking advantage.

However, to ensure we can also use this programme to do some good, we have discounts for NGOs and a number of free seats for qualifying NEET youth. You can find out whether you qualify for this during the application process; click here to get started.

The full 12-week programme costs R4800. Join the waiting list now and we'll let you know when we have a spot available.

I've got more questions

OK, let’s get some details ironed out then.

Are sessions in person or remote?
What if I want more formal training?
Will I be safe? 
Will my company’s intellectual property be safe?
What if I don’t like my mentor?
Is there a group that speaks my language?
Will my accessibility needs be considered?